has been around for a long time and is one of the largest online dealers in the world. With their website, you can easily search for new cars, trucks, and many other kinds of vehicles. They also offer a service called Auto Select that helps you find a vehicle that matches your expectations. In this post, we are going to discuss a few tips on how to use the innovative features introduced on their website to hide a page that has already been published. So, we believe this will be amazing writing for all the car dealers who looked forward to knowing how to hide page on the website. 

How to Hide Page on a Website; First let’s find out why?

Usually, we are posting on a dealer website to make sure our items or services are selling faster than our site. Since they have used so many strategies to market the posted services, sometimes, we have to pay a cost for advertisement submission. If so, why do you have to hide a page from such a reputed website? 

We know, now you may doubt about is there any issues with the website that users regularly unsubscribe from the service. But, do not worry, the need for hiding a page on this car-selling and dealership-offering platform is not for the above reason. 

The website has launched this service specially by targeting the dealers worked on their site. So, if the advertised vehicle is not going to sell due to the current decision change or it is already sold, the dealers need a way to remove the advertisement. Yes, this option is primarily can be used for this purpose. 

At the same time, whenever there are mistakenly listed wrong details, the dealers and the owners both may need to remove or customize the advertisement. So, this option is very much helpful fact in this case to overcome so many associated issues as well.

Thus, it is sure that if you are a dealer you may waiting to know this simple trick to hide a page on the website. So, let’s move on.

3 Simple Steps of How to Hide a Page on a Website

Whenever you want to perform a specific task without proper or prior practice, the best way is to progress with the given steps. Once you are familiarised with the steps, you may be able to become an expert. So, first, try to build up your career as a well-organized car dealer with the following secret of how to hide a page on this website. Next, you may become experts who do not need a guide to execute these simple steps. 

  • Log in or sign up for the website

Yes! Unless you are a regular user, you may not require to hide a page on the website as you do not create one yet. So, logging into the account is the first step you have to follow. 

But, if you do not subscribe to this service yet, you may sign up. But, make sure once sign up you may not be able to hide a page unless you created the first ever page of yours.

Next, make sure you remember the passwords and usernames used. This is essential to log in. Yet, if you do not remember you can still recover those by just clicking on the “forgot password” option.

  • Select the page you are thinking to hide

Once you logged in, the next step is navigating over the pages to find the page you want to hide. Since the final step is permanently hiding the selected page, you should be careful in this step to select the exact page you want to hide. Make sure you will not be able to recover a page hidden unless it is still in the recovery zone.

Thus, this step is very much essential and you should carefully execute it as the wrong page selection can double your work due to the need for republishing.

  • Click on the link that appeared with Hide this page

Now you are almost done with the process. Once you select the page you want to hide, it displays as a link mentioning “hide this page”. So, once you click on this link that page will hide. 

But, the majority of users are complaining this link is not working. The reason identified for this frequent observation is the use of mobile applications rather than desktop sites for the process. It means even if you are using mobile devices to hide a page on, you have to switch to desktop mode before hiding the page. Often, this link gets appeared only in desktop mode.

And, if you still didn’t find a way to hide the page. You may also try searching through the search bar to find the hide this page link.

The last words…

People find out how to hide a page on the website for different reasons. Anyway, this is not the fault of the website. But, it is a requirement to maintain the website and advertisement modifications. So, follow these simple steps to hide a page on this reputed car-selling website for a quick sale.