RV tanks are the most popular way of collecting waste in household and industrial setups. There are three separate rooms in an RV tank to clean, collect and eject the wastes. But, often, these RV tanks can be blocked with dried poop and much more waste by causing a bad smell that can ruin all your environment. That is why people eagerly look for how to get rid of dried poop out of RV tanks. 

The most commonly used strategy for this purpose is using a vacuum to flush away those collected wastes. But, this is somewhat time-consuming and needs technical assistance to conduct. So, it is also an expensive process. Thus, people look for easy solutions to get rid of this problem without spending much time and money. Yet, is it possible? Can we execute this through another easiest method? Yes! We are going to look through it by using the following piece of writing.

How to get dried poop out of RV tank easy explanation 

Dried poop is the result of a pet being confined to a small space and not being able to relieve itself. When this happens, the pet’s faecal matter will dry out and harden into a solid mass on the bottom of the cage. This is a common problem in RVs where the pet owners frequently suffer from. However, dried poop can also be a problem in a pet’s regular living areas as well. 

So, in the per cage what you can do to clean out those dried poop? Mostly, you may wash out by grooming with water and detergent. And, then you can add an air refreshing agent with bacterial cleaner.

But, since RV tanks are not easily accessible as pet cages, this is a bit difficult task to conduct. That is why you have to find solutions like vacuum cleaning or chemical use.

What you need to know about how to get dried poop out of your RV tank

This problem is not limited to household setup and it can commonly happen in your vehicle as well. So, if your vehicle is equipped with an RV tank to collect waste, you may notice a little bit of dried poop on your RV’s water tank once finished a long drive. This can be a very frustrating and disappointing moment in both your house and vehicle.

You may actually feel frustrated and angry and may want nothing more than to scrub your hands clean of the dried poop. However, this is not the best thing to do. Instead, you should take the time to follow these steps to properly get the dried poop out of your RV tank.

How to use a vacuum cleaner with a long hose to get dried poop out

You know how much stress and effort you need to clean out a blocked RV tank. It is time-consuming and thus you may need to get a leave soperatelybfor this purpose as it takes nearly a day to clean out those blocked tanks.

So you need a way to get the dried poop out quickly. One way to do this is to use a vacuum cleaner with a long hose. Using this method, you can quickly suck the dried poop out of the tank and dispose of it in a trash bag. But, again, the users have reported that this method is also a bit time-consuming thing. Thus, having a chemical reaction-based detergent or solution to clean out dried poop easily will help you a lot to overcome this issue by saving both money and time.

How to use chemicals to clean dried poop out of RV tank

Nowadays, chemical agents to clean wastes are abundantly available in the market. Most of those chemicals are inexpensive and come with clear instructions about how to use them. And, the procedure of mixing and using the chemical is varying from the manufacturer. Thus, if you are thinking to move for this option, you need to look at the instructions label before using it.

However, commonly, the instructions are highlighting you mix the chemicals with water in appropriate proportions and inject this mixture into the separate rooms of the RV tank. Do not worry it will never harm the tank. And, you may be able to get rid of the problem within a few minutes. Thus, this is known as the most convenient method to practice.


In the case of a pet cage, you can easily wash out dried poop by using a paper towel and detergents. But, when it comes to RV tanks, this is a bit difficult as it is not accessible enough. So, people who are searching for how to get dried poop out of RV tanks mostly go for vacuum cleaning as the next most popular way of cleaning. 

However, it takes a lot of time to complete the cleaning process even with a vacuum cleaner. Thus, Chemical detergents which can break down the dried poop easily with a chemical reaction are abundantly used in this as the ultimate choice to clean RV tanks. Since it is inexpensive and time-saving this is becoming the most popular choice to get rid of dried poop out of RV tanks.