Having a patch on your favourite shirt is the most disappointing experience which can someone experience. Think, about how it can ruin your day if you note a sublimation patch on the shirt when your rat ready to wear it. Even in garment setups, this type of mistake is possible by making the shirt less in value. So, how to fix sublimation mistake on a shirt without putting it on the sale and offer basket?

People frequently expect an answer to this question as they want to wear their favourite dress for a long time. Yes; there are some tips to practice in the home as well as the industrial set-up to remove those sublimation patches very easily without harm to the original quality of the dress. 

Let’s discuss all those possibilities through the following piece of writing.

How to fix a sublimation on a shirt? The simple tips!

Sewing on a new button or patch is a time-consuming task. So, when it comes to sewing on a design that has been printed onto fabric or an applique, it’s best to choose a pattern that can attract the human mind. And, you can install the pattern on a shirt by using a hot iron to press the pattern into the selected place. If you accidentally placed the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric, then the problem is raised. In case you experienced this in the home or your garment setup, you can follow the below-mentioned simple tips to overcome this sublimation patch.

In this case, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the sublimation tape off of the incorrect side. Once you remove the tape, you can re-stretch the pattern on the correct side of the fabric. If the shirt has been washed, you can use a wet cloth to remove the adhesive glue from the shirt by using soap powders or special chemicals that can be found in the local market which has designed specially to wash out sublimation patches. 

Yet, you should aware that those chemicals can harm the original colour of your shirt. Thus, those chemicals are mostly recommended for white-coloured shirts only.

How to fix sublimation mistakes on a shirt quicker by yourself?

Sometimes when you make a sublimation mistake on a shirt, you may think that the shirt is ruined. But this isn’t always the case. Most of the time, you can fix the problem simply by washing your shirt.

Here, you can use a spray bottle filled with cold water and a bit of detergent to dampen the shirt and help remove any excess ink other than chemicals to wash away sublimation patches. After you have completely removed the ink from the shirt, you can put it in the washer and dryer on the normal cycle. 

The removal of the sublimation mark can only see clearly once the shirt dried well. So, do not worry if you notice any residual sublimation patch or discolouration even after being washed away. Let it recover by itself under the sun. It will offer you an amazing end product.

If you have a sublimation mistake on a shirt, the first thing you should do is try to fix it yourself. This can be quite difficult and time-consuming as explained early.

However, if you are not confident that you can fix the mistake, you should take the shirt to a professional. The professional will be able to fix the shirt for you and ensure that your shirt lasts for a long time.

What can be used to fix sublimation on a shirt effectively

Up to now, we discussed a few ways that you can fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt. If we go into the depth of possible options, the first one is to use a dry iron, which will press the fabric together to fix the sublimation. Another option is to use your shirt iron, which will heat the shirt and fix the sublimation. The third option is to use a freezer bag. You can use a freezer bag to iron the shirt by placing the shirt in the freezer bag and then ironing it with low heat. This will help to fix the sublimation without damaging the shirt. The fourth option is to use a hot iron. This option is also the riskiest because you can potentially damage the shirt.

The final tips

Having a sublimation mark on your favourite shirt or newly purchased shirt is so disappointing as you have to spend some more time to fix it or to return the shirt. However, if you look at the above-mentioned tips for how to fix sublimation mistakes on a shirt, you will understand this is not that much-complicated thing to do at home. 

Usually, the removal of sublimation mistakes can be done with a simple wash or iron. But, in case you feel your efforts to remove the patch can further harm the shirt, you may hire a professional laundry service for this.