Opening and deleting mobile phone-based apps are somewhat confusing as those are comes from different developers and different technologies. Anyway, we have to mention that deleting or creating such accounts is never as a complex task as you think. When it comes to Joom accounts, people think it can harm their privacy with long inactivity or longer subscription time. So, we found that most people are aware of how to delete Joom accounts easily. 

That is why we thought of coming to meet you with these five simple steps that can delete your Joom account or privacy info embedded in it.

Before, how to delete Joom account; What is it?

In case you have accidentally visited us, but feel eager to know what is a Joom account, this brief is only for you. 

Joom is also an online selling platform mostly similar to Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Most people use this application to make their shopping needs more convenient with added discounts and seasonal offers.

Fashion items, kids’ items, electronics and clothing are the favourite collections of these frequent visitors. The application is known as the accumulative product of the massive effort of Chinese digital developers. Thus, is slowly heading into the Asian community. 

But, since the head office of this massive company is situated in a well-known European country, Latvia. It will sooner cover the European digital market as well. 

So, it can predict that this will become a globally recognised online shopping platform in the near future. Thus, getting into this platform may open up lots of opportunities to enjoy seasonal offers and unbelievable discounts for all of you.

How to delete Joom Account?

We know before heading into the deleting part, you may want to know why you have to delete your details or account from this superior-quality mobile application.

First of all, we have to say the majority of the people who experienced this at least once may not have even thought to delete this account unless they encountered with following issues.

  • Lack of delivery facilities to their areas
  • Low memory of their smartphones which interrupts the proper functioning of the App
  • Poor understanding of how to use the app

Well, if you encounter the above commonest problems, you can think of several solutions other than deleting the Joom account. 

Anyway, we should say if your issue is the lack of delivery facilities, please be patient, the developers are working on it and will enable the facility as soon as possible.

But, the other commonest factors are correctable by yourself. So, be aware of how much capacity is there in your mobile phone before installing the Joom. Since it high is in quality, it needs considerable space in your storage. Next, research Google and YouTube to know more about the app to fill the knowledge gap. 

Easy steps to delete a Joom account

If you need to unsubscribe from Joom totally, you can visit the settings section and click on the delete account button. 

But, if you thinking only to delete your details, it is super simple. You can still see what is there on Joom, and can still be aware of your favourite items without exposing your private info.

  • To do this, first, visit your profile. This should be the initial step. 
  • Next, you can scroll towards the upper right corner of your profile. There, you will see a setting bar again. All of your other steps are there.
  • Thirdly, once you scroll down, you will see an option called “privacy and terms”. Now you are almost closer to the ending. So click on this option if you are really sure about deleting privacy details.
  • As the fourth step, you will find a tab called personal info. Now, again think of whether you have to delete your personal information or not. If you are very much sure of deleting the Joom account, just tap on this option.
  • Now, it will ask again, whether you are ready to delete your information. So, you can select the appropriate option from there. 

That is all. Now, you have finished the deleting process. 


Joom is an online shopping App based on a Chinese company and located in a reputed European country, Latvia. So, this platform has already headed over to the Asian and European communities by spreading its wings of success. Yet, in some instances, people are facing challenges when shopping with Joom. So, they usually find out how to delete the Joom account for the purpose of refreshing with Joom. Today, we met you with this amazing secret that can help you in overcoming possible but rare issues arising with Joom App.