The amount of time your air conditioning unit should be cleaned depends on a few things. So, once you got to know all of those factors you would be able to maintain it in optimal conditions every day. At the very first, we have to say that the best way to know how often to clean AC coils is to understand how they work. And you will also have to learn what to use to clean the AC coils for high-quality AC service. Usually, AC technicians are aware of all these factors. Thus, if there is a skilled person who offers an air conditioning service, you can clarify all the doubts through him. But, sometimes, it may cost a lot.

That is why knowing how often and how to clean AC coils by yourself will help you to do an easy inexpensive AC service at home. So, as a short guide, if you live in a humid area, it is more important to clean AC coils often and if you use your air conditioner more frequently, the frequency of AC coil cleaning also be increased.

How to do Air Conditioning Units Work; A guide before how often to clean AC coils!

As we know, air conditioning units are made up using coils. These coils need to be cleaned to ensure that the unit is working properly. If the coils are not cleaned, the unit will not be able to release the cold air due to the accumulation of dirt and dust can cause the unit to restrict its optimal functions. Thus, if the coils are not cleaned enough, the unit will release cold air at a higher temperature than it is capable of. So, you cannot experience the coldness as earlier.

Similarly, if the coils are cleaned properly by maintaining their normal functionalities, the unit will release cold air at an optimal temperature which is designed according to the BTU value. But, too many cleaned coils also can make so much trouble with temperature changes as it can damage normal function. So, the rule of thumb is that the coils should be cleaned at least once every three months to maintain proper functionality.

How often to clean AC coils and what to consider further?

The frequency of cleaning AC coils depends on the type of AC unit you have. As with the recent recommendations, for an AC unit with a filter, the frequency is usually twice a month but, for a unit without a filter, the frequency is usually once a month. And, if you have a modern air conditioning unit with both a filter and an electronic humidifier, the frequency is usually once a week.

So, when the AC unit is advanced in technology you have to consider more about its maintenance than a basic one. Thus, the frequency of cleaning should be increased according to the advanced features included in the air conditioning unit. 

And, the frequency of cleaning the air conditioning unit also depends upon the type and function of the unit. So, in case it is a portable or central air conditioning unit what can you do to clean it? You may think since those are simple to manoeuvre, it is not necessary to clean them frequently.

But, the answer to this question is simple, it depends on the type of AC coils you have. For example, if you have window AC units which has comparatively less durable AC coils, you should clean them every 4-6 hours. However, if you have central air conditioning, you should clean them once a day as its AC coil is durable. 

What should use to clean AC coils?

This is as simple as cleaning a dirt metal coil. Usually, you may use detergents used in household setups to clean it. Here, you should be a little bit aware of possible risks as some of the detergents may have effects that you are not expecting such as calcification on the surface. If such a thing happens, the coil may not function properly even though it cleaned well.

So, it is always recommended to use chemicals which have specifically labelled as a solution used for AC coil cleaning. Yes! It is a bit expensive choice when you have to clean the AC unit frequently in cases such as a portable AC unit. But, if your AC machine has a unit that needs to clean once in three months, you can definitely use this option as the standard choice.


If you are interested in maintaining your AC, you should clean the coils at least once a month. But, it depends upon the type of AC unit and its advanced features. So, cleaning frequency should ne be decided by closely analysing the type and technology of your AC machine. And the chemicals used for cleaning purposes are also very accordingly. 

However, you should make sure that you don’t clean the coils too often. If you clean the coils too often, it will cause the refrigerant to dry out. This will cause your AC to not work properly. 

Thus, the best way is the cleaning AC coils as recommended by the manufacturer. So, if you feel a bit of doubt, the best option is to hire an AC technician. They will definitely give you a satisfactory service as they know how often to clean AC coils from A-Z along with what to use.