An ankle monitor is a great tool to monitor people who are on probation or supervised release by a court decision. So, the monitoring body can monitor their behaviour in the community. These people are bound to wear the ankle monitor for the period that is suggested by the court decision to prove that they are behaving in a good manner that is not harmful to society. Thus, keeping the ankle monitor awake in all circumstances is an essential thing. Hence, how to charge an ankle monitor without a charger is a common question among those who used to wear it.

But, the role of the ankle monitor does not limit to monitoring by the court. Anyone, who wants to inform or track themselves or others’ behaviours or routes or journeys can wear it. It is basically fixed into the ankle through a bracelet a band. Usually, this is similar to a write watch. You will never feel any discomfort unless it gives some burden to your mind. 

Well, let’s move on to how to keep its charging capacity for longer even without a charger through this piece of writing.

What is an ankle monitor? Brief before; How to charge ankle monitor without charger?

As we explained earlier, an ankle monitor is a device that is worn on the ankle to track someone’s movement. It is used to monitor the movement of individuals who are on house arrest, probation or temporary release from prison under a court decision. 

Usually, this device is meant to be worn during the day, and it is connected to a transmitter that is placed in the home. The transmitter relays the information to a laptop or other device that is in close proximity. The ankle monitor is usually placed on the ankle by using a strap.

How to charge ankle monitor without charger; let’s step to the main topic!

If you are wearing an ankle monitor and don’t have a charger for the device, there are a few things that you can do to charge the device. 

  • The first is to use a power bank. A power bank is a portable battery that can be charged with a device such as a laptop or a phone
  • The second option is to use a USB cable and plug it into a USB wall charger
  • The third option is to charge the device from a computer again with a USB port

Does a charger is the best option to charge an ankle monitor?

The original charger comes with an ankle monitor and is known as the best option to charge your ankle monitor as it has specifically designed for the device. 

Even though it says you can use a USB port or a wall outlet to charge an ankle monitor, it is not the most suitable method. But, the USB port is a much faster option if you are ready to bear the cost. Anyway, charging your ankle monitor is the most essential thing other than what is the method of charging.  So, if yiurvcahrger is not around you should charge your ankle monitor somehow. In this case, using any of the above-mentioned methods is not a problem as your safety of yourself is more important than the safety of the device.

Actually, it is not a point to be an offensive individual just due to a problem with your ankle monitor. That is why we are saying that even though using a charger is the most ideal way of charging your device, using any of the available methods in immediate charging needs to let it awake always.

The things to remember…

An ankle monitor or bracelet is a device that is used to track and monitor the location and movement of a person. This device is often used when a person is on probation or temporary release from jail. Sometimes they are also used to monitor the movements of people who are deemed dangerous. 

These devices are usually placed on the person’s ankle and are connected to a computer or a tracking device. However, people don’t always have a charger available to charge the ankle monitor. If you are in a situation where you need to charge your ankle monitor, you can do so without a charger. You will have to use a battery instead.

So, here we have listed three main tips about how to charge an ankle monitor without a charger if it is not a battery-operated one. We believe once you find these tips you will be able to keep your ankle monitor awake to ensure your trustworthiness.